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Meet the perfect match

Meeting new people is always exciting but imagine the joy of hearing a ping from the app messenger alerting you of a new match in your area with the same interest as you

It all starts when you seek and filter

Whether you are looking for LOVE, BFF or trying to NETWORK, Tapdate will connect you with people of mutual interest Whenever you seek and filter, you only see the profiles that match your needs.

The perfect match is a tap away

Your TL is curated, you no longer must spend time sifting through endless profiles. See the profiles that arouse your interest? Simply Tap! If it is a match, break the ice and unlock the experience of your dreams.

You do not want to miss this chance of finding a perfect match. Do you?

Start Tapping

We all wish we could meet that person and not have to worry if they are the perfect match.

On Tapdate you can set your interests, view others with interests like yours, send requests and tap to match

Begin your dating adventure in three simple steps

  1. Download the app and sign in
  2. Set your preferences, (this is how your mutuals will find you)
  3. Make your profile stand out and Start tapping